Solar lamps, also known as solar lanterns, are quickly becoming a preferred lighting and electrical power solution for rural and off-grid households around the world. More and more emphasis is being placed on solar energy as a means to connect millions of households around the globe to the rest of the world.  With continuing research and innovations,  solar products are becoming more accessible, affordable and efficient.

Below is an overview of the popular solar products currently in the market:

Solar lantern

The S20 d.light

Features of the s.20:

Light Performance – The S20 provides 8 hours of light on full battery and uses proprietary, highly efficient LEDs. It provides 360 degree space lighting for any environment or focused light for studying, working or cooking.

Product Functionality – S20 is designed to be extremely user friendly and flexible. It has a detachable handle and includes an integrated solar panel that makes reacharging simple and easy. The S20 can be carried, hung or placed on any surface to effectively illuminate the surrounding area.

Solar and AC charging – The S20 has a highly efficient solar panel to make charging simple and easy. It can be charged from a USB source using the USB cable or a standard Nokia AC charger.

Product Benefits – Designed as alternative light for a rural off-grid household. (From Total Sola Kenya)

s300 solar light

The s.300 d.light

Features of the s.300:

Solar and AC Charging – S300 has a portable solar panel and can be charged from using a USB charger or a Nokia standard charger.

Light Performance – S300 provides bright white light at a wide angle, enabling the illumination of an entire room. The S300 features 4 brightness settings, providing upto 16 hours of bright light (100 hours on the bed light setting)

Product functionality – A USB port provides ability to charge smart phones and a battery indicator shows the charge level. Light weight, it comes with an ergonomically designed handle and top strap which offers maximum flexibility for use in home, work place, or outdoor environments. (Total Sola Kenya)


Sundaya Solar system: 1 light

Features of the Sundaya Solar system

 The modular system enables you to expand your lighting gradually; 1, 2, 3 and 4  bulbs.
Sundaya has a high illumination up to 240 lumen (equivalent to about a 40 watt    bulb) allowing you to light up a large area.
Sundaya has the extra benefit of mobility.
You can also set your brightness to suite the light you want – thee light settings.
High quality lithium ion battery, protected against deep discharge and overload.
DC cables to optimise distribution.
Gives a 360 degree lighting area.
Mobile phone charging capability
24 months Warranty. (Sundaya solar systems)