The Solar for All Initiative:Masogo is an ambitious project to increase awareness and accessibility to affordable solar energy solutions in the Masogo community in Western Kenya.

lighting/power alternatives used in Kenyan households

Lighting/power alternatives in Kenyan households ( 2012-2013 Open Data Kenya)

A tight-knit community of about 400 homes, Masogo is a representation of many local communities in Kenya that through reasons of poverty and poor infrastructure have been unable to connect to the national power grid. The result of this can be seen in the low educational achievement rates, increased health risks due to constant candle and kerosene use, and poor health services due to intermittent and expensive electric supply that in turn limit the number of healthcare facilities in the area.
Using solar lamps that surpass industry standards and are directly cost effective, SAFWE, in collaboration with MIDEP, a local community development organization in the Masogo area introduced and increased awareness on the benefits of solar lanterns in the Masogo location. SAFWE and MIDEP  collaborated in the acquisition and distribution of solar lamps in the area.
With dedicated outreach efforts and building partnerships between solar social enterprises, community leaders and community members, sustaining development strategies are executed as a team effort.



  • With an initial capital of USD ~2000, supplied an initial 73 solar lanterns of varying capabilities with MIDEP as a facilitating agent
  • Provided awareness training with facilitating agent and within the local community through churches and schools
  • Provision of flexible payment options (monthly/weekly installments)
  • Saw a profitable return on investment, enabling recouped capital to be reinvested into acquiring additional lamps to meet increasing demand