SAFWE is a youth-led initiative to advocate for and support collaborative partnerships between under served communities and development partners worldwide. Through our dedicated youth development advocates (YDAs), SAFWE reaches out to communities  to identify need around its focus areas of women empowerment and education. SAFWE’s advocates provide the infrastructure through which community needs and sustainable development strategies are understood and presented to all development stakeholders.  We then ensure that project objectives and strategies are fully implemented, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and accountability to both communities and development partners.

SAFWE fulfills three main objectives:

By leveraging our diverse skills and expertise, youthful creativity as well as  a unified passion for development, SAFWE connects local underserved communities to development partners locally and around the world. SAFWE works to unite communities to the global development network by identifying unique community challenges and uniting around a common goal of change and empowerment. We then work towards developing and creating sustainable strategies for empowerment and invite development partners to collaborate in the effort.

 As facilitating agents SAFWE ensures that relevant community interventions are planned and carried out effectively. By encouraging community participation we introduce the voice of the community as an important part of project planning and sustainability.We form and maintain partnerships with service providers, local governments, local and international NGOs, and social enterprises uniting them around a common development project or goal.

SAFWE advocates for the creation and implementation of sustainable strategies that will improve the quality of life of communities around the world. We focus on projects that have the potential for far-reaching positive effects in the lives of women and our growing youth population. We therefore work with communities to ensure that all members have access to resources that improve their quality of life.